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Insurmountable challenges for an individual is achievable when people come together – it is what we call a “miracle.” The IPYG aims at making a miracle of world peace by joining efforts with the 1.4 billion youths around the world. Every May 25th, the IPYG Peace Walk is held in every corner of the world. It is one of our four representative activities to commemorate the Declaration of World Peace made on May 25th, 2013. Young adults come out to the streets and build peace in every footstep they make and every voice they sound. The meager voice of the youth will sweep the globe with peace. In the year 2020, the IPYG youth will have their 7th annual commemoration and Peace Walk. 






IPYG voices out for youth rights so that the youth can realize their role in peace-making and ensure their rights on living in peace. Young adults from many different nations support the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW and urge their leaders to acknowledge the significance of peace-building with international law for the globe. The youth are making peace-building efforts by sending hand-written Peace Letters. It is the right moment for the youth to recognize their role in the youth community and move every heart. Through this second representative activity of IPYG, the Peace Letter Project, youth and the world can take one step closer to world peace. 

The IPYG is working to sow a culture of peace in every hearts and minds of youth by executing projects to put the Article 10 of the DPCW - Spreading a Culture of Peace into action. The IPYG members paint peace walls, host and participate in various peace-themed contests and peace concert. These programs are a channel for young adults to share their strengths and talents in gaining first-hand experience on peace, cultivating peace as a culture at the same time. In order to cultivate a culture of peace, the IPYG is hosting its third representative activity, the Youth Empowerment Workshop, which is youth peace education. It helps the youth to realize their potentials in peace-building as well as to hold youth rights all together. When young people join peace movements and understand peace on a personal level, the culture of peace will sprout from them and thrive through youth communities and expand to a country-level. 






<Peaceful Unification Campaign of the Korean Peninsula> began with the initiative of making a peaceful global village for unification of the Korean Peninsula, the only divided nation on Earth. Various programs including debates, lectures, concerts, musicals, and tours proceeded with the topic of ‘unification.’ In all corners of South Korea, the campaign named ‘North and South, Let’s Be “Us” Again’, by which activities regarding the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula are planned, began with 1,000 Korean youths. 




Peace Education's vision is to enlighten students and cultivate talented individuals with the values and spirit of peace, who can then play a pioneering role in spreading the culture of peace.  This education provides a fundamental understanding of the basic principles that human beings must observe for peace to be created.  Through the discovery and internalization of these peace values the inner selves of students and their ability to live together in harmony with others in their own community, and even the world, is properly nurtured.

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